Monday, August 23, 2010

School years, intersections, and other flotsam

By all appearances, I celebrated my fourth wedding anniversary and then proceeded to fall off the face of the planet. In reality, I've been busy in several ways, and so here's a brain-dump catch up:

1) First of all, I completed the sprint triathlon in 1:45:31, and though I spent the majority of the bike and run legs of the race chasing my sister, I caught her in the last three tenths of a mile and we crossed the finish line together. It was actually incredibly fun - something I allowed myself to realize when I was breezing along on my bike on some beautiful country roads - and Sis and I have already discussed doing something like this again next year. The afternoon after the race I felt more tired than I have probably ever felt in my life, and our plans to do some kind of hanging out just turned in to a communal nap: Sis asleep on the couch, my niece asleep on her chest, me curled up on the love seat. My brother-in-law was in the basement watching TV, where he - you might guess it - fell asleep. It was nice. Some time I need to write about my poor napping skills and how I'm trying to cultivate them. Apparently triathlons help.

2) I was on a bona fide vacation for a bit over a week earlier this month. As I was packing up for the trip I realized I hadn't taken a full week off just for fun in over a year. I should take more vacations.

3) My thesis is moving slower than expected, because it's a thesis. But progress continues.

4) DH and I are trying to eat more real food. Sure to be more posting about that soon.

5) My brother's getting married in a few weeks. This hasn't taken up a lot of my time, really, but it's exciting. Neither sis nor I have sisters-in-law, so we're both looking forward to acquiring one, and she's very cool - a perfect fit for my bro.

6) My best (and "oldest", though he's a few months younger than me) guy-friend is getting married in October, in the coolest way possible, to a very cool woman. DH and I have had to endure clusters of weddings before, but this time we're actually really looking forward to both weddings. Is this because we're on the "groom's side" in both weddings? Does that make them easier? Both couples are pairs that really work together, which obviously helps. I don't know. But I'm excited to put on the finery and celebrate love this fall.

7) Today marks the beginning of classes at the school where I work, though not the beginning of my thesis "class" because one school is on a quarter schedule and the other is on semesters. This is all within the same university. Makes plenty of sense to me.

And, because of number 7, this post will have to remain a list. More to come, hopefully soon, as the start of the school year means I'm getting back into some routines.