About me

I'm just a late-20s, average height lady living in a wee Chicago apartment in the Chicago suburbs with my very rad and very tall husband, Domestic Hercules. In high school I was a tomboy who'd likely never get married - then I went and got hitched at 23. I'm an almost-finished grad student getting I have a master's degree I had hoped I would use when I started it four years ago. I'm blessed with a very secure job that isn't a career. In 2011 I got knocked up, got finished with grad school, and got out of debt. Now we're hoping to raise a kid on one income while DH stays home and teaches him the ways of the world.

The only musical instrument I consistently use is my voice. I am much more skilled at baking things no one should eat (a triple-layer mint chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, say) than I am at making what you would call a real dinner. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but neither does my mom, so that's OK.