Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The return of the return, and suggestions of kisses

That was certainly a long break, wasn't it? So here's a short post to parallel my last:

I am still alive and am getting back into the patterns of work, school and life in general. This includes planning an upcoming baby shower for my impending niece or nephew, seeing the dim but strengthening light at the end of the graduate school tunnel, pondering possible moves of both career and geographical natures, and - fortunately - reading some good writing.

I finally subscribed to Roger Ebert's blog, after having read several excellent posts over there (I think blog-subscription is a commitment I take a bit too seriously sometimes). He posted again today, about the subject of making out, of all things.

Mr. Ebert writes "It is more erotic to wonder if you're about to be kissed than it is to be kissed." Upon reading that I recalled one of my heart-poundingest memories of high school, when I was riding in a car with a boy and he merely put his hand over mine. I recall becoming a bit dizzy from the least physical contact possible. Fantastic.

So if you require a good long post that will hopefully conjure up a few good memories of your own, head over here. If you find you haven't many memories of this sort of thing, it might time to go make out with someone, don't you think?

Happy new year!

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  1. I often liken graduate school to walking into a cave. In the beginning, you know how you got there - and you can turn around and walk out. Then, for a very long time!, you are in the middle of the cave, and it is dark and cold and you have absolutely no idea how to get out. It is too late to turn back and go out through the entrance - you need to keep going. The light start emerging for me in August 2009 - I will graduate in June 2011 (last year is internship). It feels incredible seeing that light. Knowing that one day you will be out of the cave and have food and warmth and light!! (I get carried away!)


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