Monday, August 8, 2011

29 weeks

Weight Gain: According to the midwife's scale, 23 pounds. I've found enough of a difference between their scale and my scale at home to think they just like to make pregnant ladies feel bad about gaining too much... but I haven't used my scale in two weeks because we moved and it's still packed, so I'm taking their word for it. And drinking water.

Symptoms: Occasional hip aches, some funny blood pressure stuff (I sometimes feel woozy if I stand up too fast) and shrinking stomach capacity - I'm starting to notice that I can't eat as much in one sitting as I used to. That's probably a good thing, to keep the weight gain in check.

Cravings/Aversions: I really want fresh fruit these days, but it's summertime - I always want fresh fruit this time of year. So... nothing wacky.

I am loving: That we're finally moved. The new place still needs a lot of organizing, but if this kid comes early at least I know we have a room for him. Yes, it's a room full of boxes, but still.

I miss: Summer running. I walked past a sporting-goods store the other day, and the display of sports bras and running capris made me sigh. Next year!

I'm looking forward to: the last of my three (three!) weeks off this summer. Last year I realized I had gone an entire calendar year without taking time off to relax, so this year with the End of my Child Free Years looming, I decided I'd take a week off each month of the summer. I've noticed I've been more productive at work when I'm there, and this is the first summer I haven't felt moody about missing out on summer fun, so I think it was the best move.

I'm also starting to allow myself to look forward to actually having a baby. DH and I were in the waiting room at the midwife's office the other day, and this lady came in with a little dude who couldn't have been more than a few weeks old and who was just heart-meltingly cute. His hair was sticking up all over the place, and he just looked so snuggly. We're going to have one of those soon!

I'm freaked out about: For some reason, the 30-week mark looms as the time when I need to seriously get serious about bringing this kid home. And that's in a week. So far we have a room, a dresser, a changing mat and a few outfits for him. Nothing else. So I'm starting to get concerned that we won't have everything ready in 10 (or 8... or less!) weeks.

Milestones: I think we may have come upon a name. We came up with it over our anniversary/babymoon/cation and we've both been kind of test-driving it for a couple of weeks, and I still like it a lot. Naming someone is such a huge responsibility... I keep thinking about how it will sound when he's 17 or 35 or 60 or 83, and what nicknames might happen, and how the kids in fifth grade will find a way to make fun of it. But it could be a good one.

Also, I took the glucose tolerance test. Haven't heard back yet, but the orange drink wasn't as bad as it's been hyped. The bleary, knocked-out feeling I experienced for the rest of the day, however? That kind of sucked. I hope that means I passed the test.

Movement: Frequent, stronger all the time, and occasionally just uncomfortable. He clearly likes stretching out as far as he can and trying to shove his foot in my rib.

Exercise: Except for carrying things around during the moving process, my exercise has been miserable. The heat wave plus needing to pack/unpack means few walks, no yoga, no swimming... nothing. So the weight gain thing could be accurate, unfortunately.

Diet: Again, terrible due to moving. We've mostly lived on take-out and fast food. Boo.

Something nice: Our new place is so quiet, I have slept through the night multiple nights in a row. When I wake up in the morning I have to pee like crazy, but it's so worth it for full nights of deep sleep. DH and I are both soaking this up while we still have the place and our sleep schedule to ourselves.

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