Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Recently observed in the Chicago Loop:

A broad-shouldered, hefty man in a Carhartt-type jacket and work boots - the kind of guy who looks like he lifts heavy things for a living - is standing in an alcove in front of an office building, trying to get out of the snow. Said snow is blowing sideways and has started to collect on one side of his face. He has the beginnings of a beard, which looks partly frozen. He is staring at the ground, shrugging. He's a man who looks like he's usually in control, usually of large objects. A man who gets his work done and probably carries a union card and surely can handle his beer.

His cell phone looks very small in his hand. He's holding it up to his ear but he's looking at the ground. He sounds nervous.

"So I was thinking... maybe... well I was thinking maybe I could take you out to dinner some time?"

He sounds like he took a while to make that call.

I hope the answer was yes.

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